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Purchasing an apartment/flat is not as easy as one may think ! It engrosses a lots of issues.There are plenty of fraud and hidden/murky issues. Some are indeed critical for a layman purchaser to validate or decide.Before investing the hard-earned money, every purchaser must gather a minimum knowledge or idea of the property and its purchase procedure that will bring him/her the lifetime peace or agony.Here we offer anall-inclusive, methodical consultative support with utmost professionalism to our clients to establish their rights, save money, relieve tension in a hassle free way that ends with collection of the certified registration copy.Our service is now limited to Dhaka only.

Our consultant will guide the client through around 20 steps,The steps are described below:


Step-01:Checklist & Real Estate Act briefing

At first, the consultant makes an initial briefing to the client (Purchaser) regarding the present real estate market scenario, know the client’s budget, location preferences, source of investment and other requirements. After that, the consultant will explore a checklist that includes more than 50 important issues. The apartment purchase checklist can help the client gather information about consumer’s rights. The consultant briefs the client some important issues like deed of land, RAJUK (Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha)plan approval, power of attorney, flat-wise electrical demand load, light and heavy equipment insulation, purchaser sales cancel right, registration process and so on.Before investment money,every purchaser should gather a minimum knowledge or idea of the product.Most of the time, third parties (agents) or developer’s sale representative smartly describes all potential benefits or advantages and hide/lighten the disadvantages. The consultant systematically points out the customer rights and precisely sorts out the lackings of the apartment/flat. He also notes down the important issues from the latest Real Estate Act, RAJUK future plan and national building code. All these informations add to the purchasers’ burganing tools as well.The consultant explains the purchaser the A-to-Z know-how of exploring and pickingup the best property from the present market in the most profitable way.

Step-02:Financial Planning & Budgeting

Buying an apartment is a big investment.It also is a big deal, even if one have done it before.Before any investment, the purchaser has to prepare the financial planning and budgeting. Without good planning, the investor is blind. For this, the consultant builds a consistent financial planning. If the consultant finds out that it would be a burden for the customer then he tries to stop the process. Sometimes bank loan would be very harmful to the purchaser. The consultant checks the financial compatibility and helps making a better, viable decision. There is a lot of costs when it comes to buying a flat. Sometimes developers/agents hide the additional charges.Purchaser informs to consultant fund arranging source and consultant describe every expenditure wings.Purchaser determines how much he or she can afford.As per purchaser’s budget, demand and location preference, the consultant will make a fruitful financial Plan.

Step-03:Data Collection & Sorting

Finding the right flat is not always an easy task. You can find several ready or second-hand flat in Dhaka city. Which one is best for you ? It needs systematic searching and flat-wise individual data collection to sort the apartments/flats. The consultant will collect more than 09 flat data (which includes- list location, size, asking price and so on) based on your budget, location and other requirements. The purchaser also can add one or more flat if he/she finds.

Step-04:Maintain Home Inspection Checklist & Grading

The purchaser visits selected flat(s) with the consultant and find out advantages and disadvantages. At this stage, the consultant will maintain a home inspection checklist where the apartments are graded. This will also show the current condition of the project. Then the consultant discusses with the purchaser and makes all flat individual scoring by overall observation.

Step-05:Analyses & observation

At stage 05, Consultant analyses all project details and discusses with purchaser again. Identify a property in a location with good social infrastructures such as schools, hospitals, malls, market, public transportation and others. The purchaser also shares with the consultant about his/ her choice and observation.

Step-06:Flat Valuation and make resonable Negotiation

Consultant and buyer both negotiate with the developer or flat owner and know about margin price. Negotiating price doesn’t mean that you will make a lowball offer. A consultant knows how to make a reasonable negotiation. How do you understand if the property is over priced ? So at this stage, you highly need flat valuation and find out construction cost. It would ensure the flat’s present market rate. If everything goes well, try to hug the deal as early as possible. Do not forget there are other potential buyers in the market. They may be waiting to buy the same property. If you and the consultant observe the margin price is higher than the present market rate, it would not be a good deal. Remember when you are buying to save money,it would give you more profit when you want to sell it.

Step-07:Make a Short listing

The consultant will again discuss with the purchaser and make a Shortlist of 03 flats through overall observation and calculating the total cost of the flats. At this stage, the purchaser reviews all the flat again. Consultant and purchaser will visit developer recently handed over the project and boldly observe heavy equipment and finishing outlooks.

Step-08:Effective Decision Making

Now it is the most important thing to take an effective decision. Consultant reviews overall situation and considerations to make a better decision. For better decision purchaser need to review again and set the mind. Point to ponder that, the purchaser should not take decision emotionally.He or she should think every thing logically and focus on reality.

Step-09:Documents check & Varification

Purchaser and consultant collect necessary documents. Then consultant will check and verify all important documents. The consultant also ensures that the project is approved by RAJUK with allotting the registration number.

Step-10:Checking Carpet & Common Area

Checking the carpet and common area properly is an important issue. It is not uncommon that, most od the developers falsify and mention some extra sq-ft. Consultant and purchaser physically survey floor inside the area and find out common space. If it does not match the developer index, the consultant will discuss with the developer and make a proper solution. If all goes fine, the developer/flat owner is informed of purchase intent.

Step-11:Checks Allotment Letter & Agreement

Upon confirmation of purchase, the developer will allotthe purchaser a flat and will give an allotment letter from the builder. This allotment letter includes all the details like flat number, flat area, price, payment details, any extra charges for amenities such as car parking and maintenance charges at the time of possession and occupancy. The consultant checks himself all the issues and discusses with a land lawyer. Consultant meticulously observes the agreement paper’s all the points and if needed any kind of change he will do it.

Step-12:Make an effective Payment Schedule

As a general tendency, the developer always tries to extract money from the customer. So it is necessary to make an effective payment schedule and strictly try to maintain that. If the customer does not maintain the fixed schedule, at the end of dealing the developer claims for delay charge.

Step-13:Preservation of Documents

The purchaser needs to maintain two clip files. One is money receipt keeping file and another is all documents and letter receiving file. For backup, customer also saves all documents in Google drive/virtual drive. He or she has to maintain an individual new e-mail for the purpose of an apartment purchase journey.

Step-14:Observing Work Process

If the project is under construction, the consultant will physically visit with clients several times and observe all kind of working process and asks developer to take corrective measures if needed. If it advisable that, the client should meet the landowner and other buyers.

Step-15:Inspection of Works and Electrical Load Calculation

At the finishing stage, consultant inspects all civil works, plumbing, wooden and other works. He calculates and ensures electrical demand load and supply. Also he ensures water supply, gas connection, beautification and so on.

Step-16:Change or Modification of Fittings & Fire safety

The consultant will help to make a decision if you would like change or modify any parts of the flat like the main door entrance, CP fitting, interior work, Thai or other items. After hand over it would be more hassle to change or modify anything. Consultant also check fire safety system.

Step-17:Collection of Handover and Occupancy Certificates

When the client decides to pay final payment, it is necessary to collect the hand over certificate, also mandatory Clearance & Occupancy certificate.The Consultant will coordinate to collect those important documents. If any modification needed, he will do it.

Step-18:Coordination to Sale Permission

Consultant will discuss with the developer and coordinate to sale permission process. It’s not necessary if the plot is not distributed by RAJUK. All owners take the developer under pressure for Common work such as lift, generator, water pump, sub-station, intercom, fire safety system installation in the proper way and all common civil, electrical, plumbing work finished on time.

Step-19:Registration Process Execution

Then comes the registration process.It’s the top most important step of the flat purchase journey. The consultant arranges registration process and checks all wings fees as like gains tax, stamp duty, local government tax, income tax and others. As per the government rules, he will try to save client from extra payments. Consultant will also appoint a land lawyer for smoothly registration process execution.

Step-20:Collection of Certified Registration Copy

After registration, the consultant will collect certified registration copy from the registry office and hand over to the honorable owner/purchaser. Finally,the journey is over. Now you are a proud owner of your dream land. And it’s high time to enjoy a sound sleep.

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Note: As per our business policy, we do not propound some important issues which the consultant will presents during face-to-face discussion.Most of the step, we maintain checklist and necessary format which is not show here.

Services Charge: Negotiable (includes checking,drafting and reviewing all documents, planning and coordination, project visit, legal support, reviewing and assisting in deed of agreement, monitoring and inspecting of work process, taking over, appointing lawyer, registration process execution and others) Duration: Depends on client’s demand and project strategy (average time to agreement- 60 days and total process -150 days) If you need our services, just make an appointment over the phone 01942-119900. A Consultant is more likely to catch important points that might not be obvious to a customer’s eye. We want to be your helping hand -not just for today, but for a lifetime.For more info
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NB: Service policy can be slightly changed basing on individual client’s requirement.

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